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Workshop Title: “Electronics for Robotics 102: Advanced PCB Designing with Introduction to SMD Reflow Soldering”

Electro-Digital Crafts held a one day workshop at STI College, Sta. Cruz, Laguna last July 22, 2017 entitled “Electronics for Robotics 102: Advanced PCB Designing with Introduction to SMD Reflow Soldering”.  The said workshop is one of the series of modules under the “Robotics Adventure Workshop” – a workshop aiming to promote Robotics Technology to students.

“Electronics for Robotics 102” module includes the following topics: Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) where the common and other types of PCBs, the innovations and technologies used to manufacture PCBs, component mounting technologies, the terminologies used in PCB manufacturing, the PCB design guidelines and finally, the small scale PCB manufacturing process were all discussed during the first part of the workshop.

The second part of the workshop covers the software used to design PCB layout – The DesignSpark PCB.  This is a hands-on tutorial on how to use the software.  The participant learned how to: install and configure the said software, create a project, create a schematic capture file, create a PCB layout file and finally, to print the design in a stencil paper ready to be transferred to the presensitized PCB.

On the third part of the workshop, the participants learned how the PCB manufacturing process was done.  How to transfer and develop the PCB design layout on a presensitized PCB was demonstrated by the workshop facilitator including the etching process, the application of the dry film solder mask (DFSM), the drilling of holes and adding rivets for PCB vias. 

Finally, the SMD soldering process was discussed it covers the solder flux reflow profile, the tools and materials used, the application of solder flux, picking and placing the SMD components and how to use the reflow oven.

The workshop was very challenging but rewarding in terms of knowledge and skills added to each participant.  Very timely because they can use this technology during the creation of their final Thesis project as one of the requirements for their course. 

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