TYN1225 25A 1200V SCR Thyristor -TO220

TYN1225 25A 1200V SCR Thyristor -TO220


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TIP30 60V PNP Transistor-TO220

TYN1225 25A 1200V SCR Thyristor -TO220

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• On-state rms current, IT(RMS) 25 A

• Repetitive peak off-state voltage, VDRM/VRRM 600 to 1200 V

• Triggering gate current, IGT 40 mA

• Insulated package TO-220AB ins – Insulating voltage 2500 V rms – UL1557 certified (file ref. E81734)


These standard 25 A SCRs are suitable for general purpose applications. Using clip assembly technology, they provide a superior performance in surge current capabilities.

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